Misha Collection


    Established in 2013 by Michelle Aznavorian, Misha Collection commenced from humble beginnings in the family garage.

    With clear vision, determination and strong passion for success Michelle had the motivation and drive to push herself to the limit. Michelle's eye for the exquisite and entrepreneurial spirit was evident from the start when at a young age she began an eBay business selling second-hand designer clothes, the proceeds of which supported her through her tertiary studies.

    Luxurious campaign shoots and an elegant aesthetic have propelled Michelle's label into the wardrobes of her fans. A host of notable celebrities wearing Misha Collection including Jennifer Lopez, The Kardashians, Kylie Jenner, Ariana Grande and Jen Hawkins to name but a few, have launched the label into the international limelight.

    Misha Collection has gained international media recognition by appearing at New York Fashion Palette in 2014 and Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Sydney in April 2015.

    A classic colour palette and elegant, sharply cut styles mean the endlessly chic Misha Collection is the label the modern woman covets.