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Wonderful Wellington, the cool capital has many things going for it, from its amazing Bee Hive which houses its national Parliament, a cable car, Te Papa and a beautiful harbour. But perhaps best of all is the annual World of Wearable Art (WOW) show. This year is the 30th anniversary and it was quite a show.


WOW kicks off spring in Wellington. Fortunately for Australians this means the opening WOW weekend coincides with the October long weekend. The shows at the TSB stadium on Wellington’s waterfront continue over the next two weekends. 


The show includes the work of artists from around the world. It showcases wearable art, after which WOW is named. Part exotic fashion-show, cabaret, and this year circus, the show is a feast for the eyes and mind.


The entrants, of which there were over 140 this year could win a 4-week residency with Cirque du Soleil or Weta Studios or up to $170,000 in prize money. This in part drives the quality of WOW. The Wellington Council has been a strategic partner of WOW for 13 years and many of the local businesses are also involved. Previous WOW garments can be viewed around town and there are many WOW associated events. 


Of course the fashionista and the eccentric dresser finds their home at WOW and is a great time to see extraordinary street fashion. If like me you are a Trelise Cooper fan, she has reopened a boutique in Wellington and so visiting WOW is a great chance to enjoy the whole range.


Wellington also showcases great bars and cafes. All kinds of foodies do well here. The French love NZ and Wellington in particular, and you can taste their influence everywhere.


While the direct flights from Canberra to Wellington are a thing of the past this is a fashion/art extravaganza to block out your diary and book a flight for.


These are just a few of the amazing shots taken at this years show.


See more here.


Thanks to our guest blogger, Linda Addison for this article. 


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