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Our friend Debby with a Why from Canberra interviewed our stylist director Ros on all things floral for this spring check out her review below.

We're experiencing a floral fashion resurgence.

You might not feel it but Spring is here and around this soon to be warmer time of year, the floral print seems to emerge.

This year it's arrived, waving its bold, beautiful colours around, saying I am prettier and making more of a statement than I have for a while.

Flower power is definitely having its moment and owner of Canberra boutique Momento Dezigns Ros says florals are a staple for warmer months.

“Florals can be flirty and uplifting and more fun-filled for the warmer months,” she says.

“The best things about botanical inspired prints this season are the different designer’s approaches and interpretations to all things floral.”

I have never been a huge wearer of floral print. I shy away from bright colours and patterns going for something a little more subtle and featuring a whole lot more black, white and grey.

But floral has definitely caught my attention because while there's always the expected explosive colour and print, this time there's also something a little more paired back, which I think caters for a wider fashion audience.

Debby with a Why Debby with a why Debby with a why

“Florals are literally being worn in every style and shape possible, from classic to frivolous and in tones that extend from soft muted to bold bright graphic expressions of colour,” Ros says.

“Some people feel intimidated by prints, and florals fit into that category.

"My advice would be to pick a colour base that suits you – be it the soft muted blush pinks, or this season’s trending bright yellows, reds and greens or the more subdued navy backgrounds – this season there is a floral for everybody. Just give it a try!”

Ros also says it’s impossible to overdue floral this season so go hard and make a style statement.

“There has been an obvious development in the floral trend for this season with even the emergence of colourful embroidered 3D applique floral for day and evening,” she says.

“One can’t fail to notice the increase in embroidered floral motifs escaping traditional dresses and making their way onto our everyday beloved denim staples.

“Even shoes, belts and bags are not escaping the floral trend this season.”

So let’s get floral and have some fun!

Thank you to Momento Dezigns for decking me out in all these fine florals. They’re available in store now.


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