The Spring Racing Style With Talulah

The Spring Carnival is already in full swing, signalling the time for celebration, dressing up and having a glass of champagne before lunchtime. Spring Racing style queen Brit Davis wears Thalula's hand picked pieces for the season, to ensure that you're the best dressed trackside. They had a chat to Brit about preparing for race events, the importance getting your hair and makeup right and the race day she's most excited for. 

Brit Davis Talulah

What trends do you think we will be seeing this racing season? 

I think this season we will see vibrant colours and statement making outfits surface. This year, I think people will be playful and change it up using pops of colours like red and orange, while I still think white will also be popular. For fabrication details I think we will see lots of ruffles, lace and sheer fabrics.


How early do you prepare your outfit for race day?

Previously I've left preparation to the last minute, by organising an outfit only a few days before. But I've learnt now to never do that again! This year I am already in the process of organising my outfits (and it's only the start of September!)

Do you dress differently for each race day event?

Yes most definitely, because I think it's important to change things up for each event. Derby Day is a day for dressing really classic but still on trend, while Cup Day is traditionally colour and pushing the boundaries! 

What are the essentials to pack in your clutch for a long day at the races?

My clutch essential for the races is Lip balm! I always get dry lips so lip balm is always an essential. Also a tiny bit of touch up makeup to keep you looking fresh throughout the day will never go astray.

Hair and beauty are just as important as the outfit, what are your tips for keeping your look cohesive?

It is important to create a hair and beauty look that will compliment your outfit, so it's vital they both match. If you are going for a pale outfit or pattern, don't go to heavy on the makeup. Hair can really make or break an outfit, so I tend to go hair up if the dress is high neck and hair down for outfits off the shoulder. 


Attending many of the racing carnival events every year, how do you keep your look evolving?

I think it helps when Australia has some of the best fashion labels. We are spoilt for choice and every year our designers are creating new amazing styles. Every designer has their own style, which definitely helps evolving my look. 

Which Race Day do you most look forward to?

This year I am most looking forward to Melbourne Cup Day. I think this is because I've never been and I'm pretty excited to be taking in the atmosphere on one of the biggest race days of the year. I’m also really excited to wear some colour and have a bit of fun with it!

How would you describe your own style?

My style is ever changing. I think I'm quite classic and minimalistic but I do like to change it up with florals & statement outfits here and there.

Brit Davis wears pieces from La Maison Talulah. Follow Brit through the Spring Racing season @brit_davis


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