Styling New Mela Purdie

Mela Purdie favourites and all new pieces are ready to grace your wardrobes! All crafted from the modern, quality fabrications you love such as Maché and Macro Mousseline. Dressing has never been so easy or comfortable! Embody an effortless style for any occasion with a range of basics as well as eye-catching prints.

We are excited to introduce this collection’s prints: Tahitian Block Print, Orchid Bazaar, Sunset Animal Print and St Barts Compact Stripe Knit. Match the new Dubai Pant with the fresh colours of Waterlily and Hibiscus – so many perfect combinations for the ever-changing seasons.

Chic, at ease and luxuriously relaxed, Mela Purdie is an Australian Designer label for women who embrace fashion’s current mood of effortless style. Shop now!

Below are some examples of great outfits you can create, you can imagine endless combinations!

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