Mela Purdie: A Lasting Impression

Choosing the best Spring/Summer statement pieces can be difficult, you need to choose versatile garments that can be adjusted to suit the unpredictable temperatures and weather. The best way to be prepared this season is to choose styles that are not only attractive, but comfortable and durable as well.

Mela Purdie's newest arrivals offer exactly that! Their new collection consists of soft floral tops, light-weight knitted jackets, relaxed casual pants, formal and casual dresses and pants and much more. 

Some of our newest arrivals include :

The Bazaar Jacket in Mist Marl

This Jacket is light-weight and versatile enough to wear year round. It is the perfect Spring piece as it can be worn over layers or over a top to keep the chill out. 

The Bouquet Top in Passion

This top is a relaxed style with a hint of elegance. It is super flattering and the floral designs will help to brighten any Spring/Summer style. 

The Tuscan Shirt in Mumbai

Adding this beautifully printed shirt is an easy way to update your Spring/Summer wardrobe. This relaxed style is perfect for most body types and is an extremely easy fit. Perfect for casual weekends in the sun.



The Soft Shirt in Tigress

This beautifully designed shirt is not only relaxed and comfortable but super stylish and versatile. Making an impressionable formal piece or a fresh casual look, this shirt can be dressed up or down for any occasion this Spring/Summer.


Updating your Spring/Summer wardrobe has never been easier with Mela Purdie's newest collection. Their versatile and super flattering designs will suit your every need this season and will help leave a long and lasting impression. 

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