Maticevski Pre-Fall 19’ Trunkshow

Maticevski. Established 1999. Haunting. Beautiful. Ghostly. Timeless. Fragile. Clothes born of emotion for an emotional response...

Making the cold, warm and the lost, beautiful. Showcasing couture, silhouette and technique. Refreshing classical modes into modern statements


Maticevski’s Pre-Fall 2019 Collection exudes a mix of corals forming flowers and enveloping, almost swallowing the body. Lustful and calculated. Collages and manipulated forms, petals and natural kinks envelop the silhouette. Colours combine into lustful combinations and bring to mind the exotic of nature and the primitive.


Flora and the intensity of fragrance intoxicate shapes. Like visible scent, potions and poisons intertwine around opaque legs. Bringing sensuous notes of oleander and bird of paradise, all the while adding a tinge of simulated modernity. Highlight neon edges of palette bonded jerseys, cut away collage angles; delicate bleeding dyes and pollinated polka dots mix with flourishes of feathers, metallics, patents and blossoming orchids.

With a hint of pure white pieces, which speaks to a woman who adores the clean and sensuous aesthetics. Simplicity in shapes and organic emergences combined to create iconic pieces.


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