KITX Positive Impacts

KITX has taken the large responsibility of safeguarding their garments creation in the most sustainable and environmentally friendly way from production to purchase.


Our latest drop from KITX features bandhani the enchanted art of tie-dye from Western India that showcases a compelling pattern. This art form is seen in the Galaxy Shirred Dress. An individual artisan ties each piece; so there is an appreciation that each garment tells a story with its braille like texture.

A single piece could have up to 4000 to 5000 knots. Most of the artisans tie around 1000 knots in a single day, with the very experienced tying up to 4000. The thread used is usually plain cotton yarn and is recycled from industrial waste.


Bandhani benefits the artisans in many ways through the traditional nature of the work, along with the income they earn, making them independent and increasing their confidence.


The dying process happens in more specialised workshops using low impact AZO-free dyes. Combining this traditional craft with modern methods and technologies. Using only natural dyes, without added chemicals. Twigs of Rubia, the rind of pomegranate fruit, the bark of Indian gum Arabic tree and the flower of Marigold are examples of plants that are used as natural dyes. Even the crops are sustainably nurtured and harvested to their strict regulations.


The other garments are held to the same eco friendly standard.

Free from all synthetic pesticides and insecticides. No water polluted, no allergenic, carcinogenic or toxic chemicals are used. The biodiversity and production of natural cottonseeds improves soil, provides clean water and maintains health of workers. The silk is natural and organic; in the cultivation stage little or no chemical pesticides or fertilisers are used and of course no AZO dyes are used.


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