Evening Wear Is On Its Way!

Whether it be a cocktail occasion, an elegant ball or a sultry dinner date, every girl knows the struggle of finding the perfect evening attire! Is it appropriate? Does it fit well? Will I have to skip dessert? These are all questions we are faced with every time that fancy invite arrives in the mail and we begin that dreaded frock hunting frenzy!

Some of us welcome the madness, any excuse to indulge in some online shopping will do right? But some of us will find ourselves trawling through website after website, phoning boutique after boutique in search of the perfect dress with as much luck as a cracked mirror. 

Regardless of which of these categories you fit into, the Frock girls have got you covered for the upcoming season of dapper affairs. 

With luxe designs from Alex Perry and Bronx and Banco already making a shining appearance on our site recently, customers can only expect to see more lavish gowns and elegant evening wear coming their way very soon. 

Expect to see some charming new pieces from favourite designers Eileen Kirby, Elle Zeitoune, Bariano, Grace & Hart and Bariano. Also be on the look out for some sneaky designers who have surprised us with some pretty pieces in amongst their day wear collections. These will make for some unique and versatile formal looks! 

Don't forget to tag us in your formal looks with #LOVEFROCK 

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