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Trend alert: sports luxe

Remember those Adidas trackies from the early 2000s? Well they're back - with a much needed upgrade.

It's kind of like the athleisure trend taken up a notch on the style scale. We’re still wearing active wear to coffee or to meet a friend for lunch after a workout, but this trend will not see the inside of a gym.

It’s about looking sporty, not necessarily wearing sports wear.

Confused yet? Maybe this will help clear the mud.

Think effortless comfort.

It's wide leg pants paired with jumpers. Some of those pants even have the old school stripe down the side – like the C/MEO Collective Be Moved Pant from Momento Dezigns – and can be worn with sneakers or heels.

Drop crotch pants, designer crop tops, oversized t-shirts, tees showing off that midriff worn with jeans – get the picture yet?

These are some of my favourite fashionistas showing off the trend.

Now you don’t have to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe. You can probably find the pieces you need to pull off this look in your own closet.

Here are five outfits you can pull together that scream sports luxe.

1.     Take a pair of jeans – ripped or not – and add a loose fitting logo t-shirt, pair it with sneakers and if it’s cold, chuck on a leather or faux leather jacket or oversized cardigan.

2.     Get out your denim skirt, leather or faux leather skirt – preferably mid length but mini will do, add a white t-shirt or a white shirt. Wear those same sneakers.

3.     Take that same skirt and put on an oversized jumper. Tuck it in the front and leave it hanging at the back. Sneakers or boots should be the shoe of choice here.

4.     Add a bomber jacket to that little black dress and again reach for the sneakers to make it more casual.

5.     If you have a pair of those updated side stripe pants, drop crotch pants or jeans, add a t-shirt, oversized coat or cardigan and forgo the sneakers for a hot pair of heels. If you don’t have any of those pants, a looser fitting pair of jeans or pants is the way to go.

Now we also need to talk about tracksuit pants. Long lauded as the pants only worn around the house, that’s no longer the case.

Model and businesswoman Jesinta Franklin was recently in Canberra talking Autumn Winter  fashion – you can check out her fashion tips here – and what she is loving right now is the trackie trend.

Jesinta says there’s nothing wrong with them, it’s just how you wear them.

The same sports luxe ‘rules’ apply, wearing them with a loose fitting white t-shirt, jumper, midriff, oversized cardigan, leather jacket, sneakers or heels.

Because we all love being casual and comfy, especially in Winter, I think this sports luxe trend might be sticking around for a little while. You can choose to invest in pieces with some of the pricier labels or more affordable ones because they are all on the bandwagon.

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