Daring, Detailed, Desirable it's...

DESIGUAL is all the hype at the moment, starting in Ibiza and growing internationally since it’s founding in 1984 by Swiss designer Thomas Meyer.


The brand’s motto is ‘La vida es chula‘ or ‘Life is beautiful’.


DESIGUAL has over 300 stores worldwide, including the global fashion capitals Paris, New York, London and Berlin.

One of their flagship stores in Barcelona, moved to the popular beachside of la Barceloneta in 2012. The architecture and vibrant atmosphere in Barcelona in particular, represents the vibrant, artistic style of the brand.


DESIGUAL is sold in over 70 countries; the brand is growing minute by minute.


Even with its bold and eccentric designs that have received criticism over the years, it embraced its uniqueness and has become a world-renowned Spanish fashion brand globally.


Celebrities and high-end fashion models have showcased DESIGUAL such as, Katie Holmes, Alessandra Ambrosio and Adriana Lima.


We have chosen around 40 unique autumn/winter pieces from DESIGUAL. Our first drop has been released with 17 pieces for you to get your hands on, with drop 2 coming later on this month.


Check out the detailed, desirable and daring range by DESIGUAL!

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