Camilla’s Resort 18 Collection

Camilla’s Resort 18 Collection hosts a range of magnificent new prints inspired by Japan. 

Starting with the most recent bright and vibrant Mellow Muse print. It is adorned with floral garlands, contrasting with the vision evoked from the neon city. Golden-hued silk is the handcrafted material it is woven from.

Other prints welcomed to our range most recently were:

The Faraway Florals, which reveals a faraway, dreamy hand-painted print. Motivated by Japan's charming floral gardens. The delicate petals compliment the graceful silk and cheerful exotic birds combination.

Retro's Rainbow a beautiful Japanese stimulated print ‘unleashed in the neon abyss of Tokyo’.

The next hand-painted print, is mesmerised by Japan’s natural wonders. The Fan Sea is adorned with details of mystical fish and dainty floral blooms.

Galaxy Girl is a rich artisanal print, which showcases radiant floral blooms of mystical Japan. This print is delicate yet bold and the styles it comes in, move with a gentle grace. 

These are just a few of the prints, which acknowledge the exquisitely womanly traditions from Japan and the striking, exotic blooms. 

Explore the Collection! 

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