Bring out your BOHO side

Winter is setting in, and our favourite summer dresses are being traded in for boots and coasts. 

However, don’t let the seasonal turn let your boho side go dormant. Find your favourite patterns, fabrics and embroidered details on this AW ’18 jeans and jackets by Desigual. The three elements combined are what embody boho style. With a nod to the hippie movement, Desigual has adapted the three elements for a modern generation.

Shorter cut dress, bags are filled with flowers and mix and matching reins supreme. This autumn, Desigual, offers a cocktail of folk, country and gipsy styles that are unbeatable.

It wouldn’t be Boho without an explosion of frills and embroidery. Perfectly paired with iconic Boho all-terrain boots. An epic clash of arts and crafts in the service of fashion.

Shop the latest autumn looks online and in store now and embrace your inner bohemian! 

The Frock Girls xx 

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